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Superior service, personalized attention

We're proud to offer the highest quality, most unique designs on the market today.

From our family to yours, we put lots of love and careful attention in each work of art. We hope you enjoy our work as much as we enjoy bringing it to you.

The home to artists with a devotion to tattooing based in the Heart of Goa. Founded in 1988 by our talented Vinod Gupta. Vinod moved to Goa to continue his adventure, and opened several Branches in Goa and leaving the studio in the excellent hands of traditional expert Artists.

Our artsits in traditional tattoos, with over 34 years experience in the tattoo industry, Vinod Gupta can offer a professional wide range of tattoo styles. With regular guest artists specialising in Blackwork, Ornamental, Dotwork and Neo-traditional styles.

We believe that whether it is a small first time tattoo, or a large scale piece all customers and ideas deserve the same respect and attention and it is in our best interest that all our customers leave with happy faces and an excellent experience.


Transform your tattoo ideas into beautiful artwork.

Black & Grey Tattoo

Black and grey tattoos have a very unique history, when compared to the other styles of tattooing.

Piercing Studio

offers you a modern and safe experience without compromise. We provide only the highest quality body jewelry and clean technique.

Up to 30% Off
Limited Offer

Monsoon Offer

Is a premium Tattoo and Piercing studio

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